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Self-Care: A Winning Solution (June 2012)

The Economic and Public Health Value
of Self-Medication
 (June 2004)

Responsible self-medication considerably reduces the expenses of social security systems and healthcare costs for national economies. Based on a detailed analysis of seven European countries, total annual savings resulting from a move of 5% of prescribed medications to self-medication exceed 16 billion euros. This demonstrates that self-medication makes a significant contribution to relieving the financial burden of the European healthcare systems. 

At the same time, the move of medicines from prescription to non-prescription status and the availability of a growing range of non-prescription medicines make an important contribution to public health. Case studies on vaginal mycosis, smoking cessation and heart disease prevention demonstrate how innovative non-prescription medicines may improve treatment as well as prevention of illness.

Final report of the AESGP research project 
"Development of an information policy for medicinal products" (January 2002)

Study on herbal medicinal products carried out by AESGP on behalf of the European Commission in English/German (1998)

Other AESGP publications:

  • Encouraging self-medication. An economic analysis, May 1998
  • Improving the Visibility of Self-Medication in Pharmacies, May 1998
  • The Visibility of Self-Medication Products in the Changing Pharmacy Environment, June 1997
  • The Value of the same Trademark for medicines with a different Legal Status, May 1996
  • CP/PGEU/AESGP Joint Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, January 1996
  • The Individual and Health Care: Added Value through Self-Medication, 1994 
  • Self-medication in Central & Eastern Europe, 1993
  • Self-Medication and the Pharmacist, 1993

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    • "What is self-medication?" An information brochure of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) in cooperation with the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS), the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) and AESGP, with the support of the European Commission.