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Information in this page is verified by AESGP and WSMI national associations and updated on an ad hoc basis. The classification of ingredients is presented for information purposes. AESGP and WSMI cannot be held liable for the content of this page or its use by third parties. Official statements on ingredient classification can only be issued by national competent authorities. In case you identify information that may be inaccurate, please contact info@aesgp.eu.

Please note:

  1. The acronym OTC in the results means that at least one dosage or form of the ingredient has "non-prescription status" in the country concerned. This is totally independent from the reimbursement or advertising status of a product containing the ingredient or combination of ingredients in question.
  2. Wherever possible, additional information for products is provided. The absence of additional information does not mean that there are no particular restrictions in relation to the non-prescription use of the ingredient. 
  3. The classification of ingredients follows the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system established by the World Health Organization (WHO). For ease of reference, ingredients are listed only in the ATC class where non-prescription use is most likely to occur.  This does not exclude use of the ingredient in other organ systems/disease areas. The application of the classification system should not be interpreted as a recommendation from AESGP or WSMI on the use of ingredients