Introduction to the AESGP Databank

Med Data Bank

The AESGP Med Data Bank provides an on-line access to the economic and legal framework for non-prescription medicines in 50 countries in Europe and around the world. The Data Bank includes comprehensive overview of key issues for self-care market such as on umbrella branding, switches, advertising, labelling, distribution and more.

As of 2015, the AESGP Data Bank was further enlarged by introducing a new comprehensive section dedicated to self-care medical devices.

Information presented in the database is based on information provided mainly by AESGP and WSMI member associations. It is reviewed and updated annually. (Last update: June 2019) 

Database functionality

    • Searches on the online database may include any combination of countries and data. 
    • Combined results appear by section and then by country. 
    • In specific sub-sections (denoted as ‘tables’ in the database), the combined search of more than one countries will give aggregated results in a comparative table.
    • A complete country report is displayed when a country and all information sections are selected in the search function.
    • Information for the European Union with applicable European legislation is also included in the database. Table sub-sections for the European Union include by default applicable provisions in all EU member states.
    • All results in the database may be exported to PDF 


Order information

Subscription price (12 months): EUR 400*

* The subscription price of EUR 400 is applied for companies/associations located outside Belgium AND having a VAT number valid in Europe. In other cases (for companies/associations located in Belgium AND/OR having no VAT number valid in Europe), a 21% VAT must be added. 

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