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One out of two packages of medicines sold in Europe is a non-prescription medicinal product. 

By allowing citizens to address by themselves conditions when medical advice is not necessary, self-medication produces significant public health and economic benefits for societies. It reduces a significant burden on health systems, freeing at the same time health professionals’ time to counsel patients in need of professional care.

The economic value of self-medication has been demonstrated in several studies, including an AESGP study on the Economic and Public Health Value of Self-Medication and a Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) study in the USA which showed that for every dollar spent on non-prescription medicines 7 dollars are saved for the healthcare system. 

AESGP presents in this page sales figures from European markets collected mainly in collaboration with member associations of AESGP. AESGP wishes to thank the associations for their kind support as well as IMS Health and national authorities which provided sales figures for countries where information from national associations was not available.


What is the source of the figures presented in this publication? 
The source of market data presented here is the AESGP publication Market Data 2014.

What are the definitions for “non-prescription” and the “self-medication market” used in this publication? 
“Non-prescription medicines market” represents the total sales of medicines with a non-prescription status/legal classification. “Self-medication market” represents the sales of non-prescription medicines purchased directly by consumers without the use of a medical prescription. (Please note: Products included under the self-medication market may differ by country. When available, additional information on products included in the different categories is available in country page.)

At which price level are figures presented in the publication?
Figures in the country-specific pages are presented at the price level at which they were reported by the countries. Sales figures in the comparative tables are presented at consumer price level, unless otherwise noted. Presentation in the comparative tables at a price level different than consumer price means that available information did not allow the estimation of the market at this price level.

Why is some information missing?
Depending on the national market characteristics and the methodology and source of information used by the associations reporting the data, it may be observed that sales figures for non-prescription medicines or the selfmedication market are not available or not possible to estimate.

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