Introduction to the AESGP Databank


Food Data Bank

The AESGP Food Supplements Databank provides key information for the industry, national competent authorities and academia on the legal and regulatory framework for food supplements in Europe and beyond.

The Data Bank has been designed as an on-line tool to provide an easy access to detailed national provisions on food supplements.

Information presented in the database is based on information provided mainly by AESGP and WSMI member associations. It is reviewed and updated annually. (Last update: June 2019) 

Database functionality

  • Information is available for all 28 EU Member States as well as for non-EU countries such as Russia or Turkey.
  • See different national provisions on classification, notification, claims, labelling, ingredients and many more.
  • Compare national rules on maximum levels for vitamins and minerals.
  • Compare how different substances are regulated.
  • See different national provisions on herbals including conditions of use and restrictions in food supplements. Check herbal names in the “Synonym check” - available in Latin, English, French and German.
  • All results in the database may be exported to PDF 


Order information

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* The subscription price of EUR 400 is applied for companies/associations located outside Belgium AND having a VAT number valid in Europe. In other cases (for companies/associations located in Belgium AND/OR having no VAT number valid in Europe), a 21% VAT must be added. 

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