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The AESGP Annual Meeting has for decades been the most significant and best attended meeting of the consumer healthcare industry. It brings together more than 300 delegates from relevant partner organisations and the industry. Major trends for the sector are elaborated with leading experts in the field. In addition, the AESGP Annual Meeting is a unique occasion to meet colleagues from the industry and relevant organisations in the commercial and political environment.

Objectives of the meeting 

Significant changes are happening in the self-care market place. There has recently been an unprecedented level of consolidation in the pharmaceutical sector including the consumer health industry. The conference will analyse these developments and look into the implications for the provision of consumer healthcare products. Equally important are the developments in the digital space and the relationship to companies such as Google and Facebook.

A positive development of the sector remains very much influenced by the attitude of health professionals. To make real progress, a better understanding of the value of self-care is needed. This may be facilitated by pan-European projects such as the European Commission’s Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union (PISCE), which is supported by the European umbrella organisations of medical doctors, pharmacists, patients and the self-care industry represented by AESGP. The conference will discuss the results of this project and the implications across Europe.

The conference will also provide an update on the impact of new legislative requirements e.g. in the area of self-care medical devices. Insight will be given into relevant potential changes in food legislation and the state of the debate on (botanical) health claims. Efforts to improve the functioning of the marketing authorisation system for non-prescription medicines along the lines of the AESGP Self-Care Agenda 2020 will be a further key element.