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The conference

AESGP is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Self care has evolved exponentially in the past 50 years with new ingredients, products and practices, and is now well recognised as a fundamental building block for the delivery of care in advanced health care systems.

Reminding the milestones along the way, the 50th AESGP Annual Meeting, organised in conjunction with the 18th WSMI General Assembly, gathered together the consumer healthcare sector and provides a forum for discussion on the exciting developments expected in the future for self care in Europe and the world.
Who attended

Top level executives from industry, regulatory agencies and public authorities reviewed at the conference developments in the consumer healthcare sector and addressed issues relating to market access, regulation and health policy in depth.  Other than pharmaceuticals - and specifically non-prescription medicines - the conference also covered the sectors of food supplements and self-care medical devices.

In addition to the comprehensive conference programme, the meeting provided an occasion for reflection and celebration of milestones in the AESGP history, 50 years after the establishment of the association as the official representative body of manufacturers of self-care products in Europe.

As the meeting was organised in conjunction with the 18th WSMI Annual Assembly, it provided unique networking possibilities to professionals from all over the world.


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