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AESGP Conference with the Heads of EU Medicines Agencies

Lisbon | 26-27 February 2018


Objectives of the conference


Self-care is nowadays recognised as a key element of healthcare. The report on “Good governance of non-prescription medicines”, which was endorsed by all EU Member States and relevant stakeholders, explains concrete ways how to further strengthen the role of self-care as the first choice in healthcare. This report paved the way to the inclusion of specific recommendations in the first ever European Union Medicines Agencies Network Strategy and multi-annual work programme calling for improved access to well-established including non-prescription medicines, e.g. through efforts related to regulatory optimisation. In addition, the Co-ordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures (CMDh) advocates in its 2020 Strategy easier access to non-prescription medicines and suggests a number of concrete actions in its Multi-Annual Work Plan.

In addition to this, the final report on the Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union (PiSCE) calls for additional efforts to include guidance to self-care in school education and curricula for health professionals. 

All this together is an excellent basis for discussing the implementation of policy orientations with the heads of the EU medicines agencies and their colleagues taking into account the proposals of the AESGP Self-Care Agenda 2020. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of Brexit, but also to the potential use of real world / big data for regulatory decision making in the context of non-prescription medicines. One session will be dedicated to substance-based medical devices in order to discuss the significant impact of new legislation on medicines agencies.

The conference follows a long standing tradition to facilitate exchange between the Heads of the EU Medicines Agencies and the European Self-Care industry. Results of previous meetings are available at