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The AESGP Annual Meeting has established itself as the principal international conference on the consumer healthcare industry. It brings together more than 300 delegates from the consumer health industry, partner organisations and policy makers. Major trends for the sector are elaborated with leading experts in the field. In addition, the AESGP Annual Meeting is a unique occasion to meet colleagues from the industry and engage in discussions with healthcare stakeholders and policy makers. 


Introduction to the 55th AESGP Annual Meeting


Today’s self-care environment is as complex as ever: the regulatory landscape continues to be fragmented in Europe as well as globally, and the regulatory burden is increasing. Socially conscious citizens demand socially conscious and environmentally friendly products. Economic growth perspective for the European region is considered weak. The year 2019 is a turning point in EU history, for it is the year that witnesses the departure of one of its Member States. Meanwhile, it also witnesses an influx of new technologies that have the indisputable power to drive the self-care environment forward. How do we navigate the options? How do we evolve the self-care environment? 

Join the 55th AESGP Annual Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, to debate emerging sector trends and challenges, and the opportunities these challenges present for policy makers and the industry. Here, you will connect first hand with Industry leaders and forward thinkers offering tangible ideas and practical applications for the self-care industry. With two immersive days offering exclusive content and keynotes alongside stimulating panel discussions and networking opportunities, the AESGP Annual Meeting has everything you need to evolve the self-care environment for the future.