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The AESGP Annual Meeting has for decades been the most significant and best attended meeting of the consumer healthcare industry. It brings together more than 400 delegates from relevant partner organisations and the industry. Major trends for the sector are elaborated with leading experts in the field. In addition, the AESGP Annual Meeting is a unique occasion to meet colleagues from the industry and relevant organisations in the commercial and political environment.

Objectives of the meeting

Significant changes are happening in the self-care market place. There has recently been an unprecedented level of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activities in the pharmaceutical sector including the consumer health industry. The conference will analyse these developments and look into the implications for the provision of consumer healthcare products. Equally important are new digital strategies with many implications e.g. on the building of brands. 

A positive development of the sector is very much influenced by the overall political climate. To make real progress, many countries initiated campaigns - publicly or privately funded - focusing either on changing behaviour or on amending the regulatory requirements. Best practices in both contexts will be exposed at the conference and will provide food for thought. 

The conference programme will be complemented by an overview on the impact of new legislative requirements e.g. in the area of falsified medicines and pharmacovigilance. Updates will also be provided on the state of the debate around the new regulations on medical devices and (botanical) health claims. 

A distinguished range of experts will finally make sure that participants do not leave the event without a good understanding of the global trends affecting self-care.

Who should attend?

The meeting is highly recommended to all executives of the consumer health industry (General Manager, marketing, sales, business development, regulatory, research and development, external and governmental affairs) and to all other parties interested in the topic of self-care.