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The AESGP Annual Meeting has for decades been the most significant and best attended meeting of the consumer healthcare industry. It brings together more than 300 delegates from relevant partner organizations and the industry. Major trends for the sector are elaborated with leading experts in the field. In addition, the AESGP Annual Meeting is a unique occasion to meet colleagues from the industry and relevant organizations in the commercial and political environment.

Objectives of the meeting 

Significant changes are happening in the self-care market place. E-commerce is gaining in importance and has reached in some European countries a share of 20%. This has implications for everybody involved in the market place. Equally important are the developments in the digital space and how to best position self-care in the social media environment, taking into account related AESGP guidelines. Furthermore, the impact of artificial intelligence is getting more and more visible. Implications on consumer health are worth being analyzed.

Real progress in the development of self-care can often only be made through a collaborative approach on the national level. The conference will expose best practices in stakeholder interaction, including cooperation models with medical doctors and pharmacists. Particular attention will be paid to the value of switching medicinal products from prescription to non-prescription status and how this may be facilitated.

The conference will also provide an update on the implementation of the new medical device regulation. Insight will be given into the state of the process related to Brexit and the implications for the functioning of the marketing authorization / registration and pharmacovigilance systems for non-prescription medicines. Particular attention will be paid to the role of brands and their importance for citizens.

A distinguished range of experts will finally make sure that participants get a good understanding of the global trends affecting self-care.