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Objectives of the conference


The conference follows a long-standing tradition to facilitate exchange between regulators and the European self-care industry. The results of previous meetings are available at

The AESGP Regulatory Conferences bring together the industry and regulators as well as other key stakeholders with the aim of promoting and continuing work towards a more efficient self-care products regulatory system which ensures access to innovation and optimum public health protection.

Key topics that will be discussed during the conference are: 

  • Digital transformation of healthcare in the Digital Single Market

  • Impact of digital technologies on regulatory science, product evaluation and risk management

  • Implementation of the medical devices regulation with a particular focus on substance-based medical devices

  • Collaboration between medicines and medical devices regulators

  • Innovative path of market access to non-prescription medicines via the centralised procedure


Ultimately, the conference aims to deliver key, actionable insights into the very latest regulatory developments as well as provide an understanding of the European regulatory strategy for self-care products.