The mission of AESGP is to ensure a sustainable positive development of the self-care industry.

AESGP's key objectives are:

  1. To ensure that self-care plays an increasingly valuable role in healthcare as a positive and cost-effective contributor to the health and well-being of Europe’s citizens.
  2. To ensure that consumers can be well informed on the availability of self-care products, e.g. through advertising, presentation in pharmacies and through the development of brands which they can trust and rely on.
  3. To ensure recognition of the self-care industry's role as a reliable and trustworthy provider of self-care solutions.
  4. To achieve the adoption and implementation of a balanced and proportionate regulatory and economic framework that facilitates innovation and rapid market access for the widest range of self-care products in a consistent way across Europe.
  5. To promote a competitive environment for the self-care market, supporting free pricing by manufacturers for self-care products.

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AESGP pursues these objectives through a series of actions and initiatives. These include:

  • Developing and communicating evidence-based information on self-care.
  • Maintaining the unique AESGP knowledge base on self-care and acting as the key spokesperson for, and provider of information on, the self-care industry.
  • Cooperating with the European bodies representing other stakeholders in healthcare.
  • Managing the interface between the industry and decision makers and institutions at the European level.
  • Contributing effectively to discussions and working committees regarding European legislation/ regulation and other relevant international rules.
  • Facilitating information exchange amongst its member companies and associations and providing support.
  • Supporting national political activities, as appropriate.